Griffin Survivor cases

You want for your own iphone 4s, iphone 5s, ipads, iPods find a good protective shell do?

Today to introduce you to a super useful, super cheap Griffin Survivor cases, Griffin Survivor by Transformers fans love, Griffin Survivor cases shell phone very unique design, military-type, there are popular type, please see the following picture.

Griffin_Survivor_iPhone_5_Cases_-_Yellow__Green_(2)__51143_zoom Griffin_Survivor_iPhone_5_Cases_-Black_White__28920_zoom Griffin_Survivor_iPhone_5_Cases_BlackDark_Blue__69922_zoom

griffinsurvivor cases Griffin's_Survivor_military_grade_iPhone_4s_case_GREEN_BLACK_(2)__77208_zoom Griffin_Survivor_iPhone_5_Cases_Camouflage_Green__68356_zoom

The most important thing Griffin Survivor case for iphone shell protective function, see the following youtube video.

In 2011, Griffin Survivor case released a MilSpec iPhone / iPod / iPad case series named Survivor [1]. The Mil-STD810 claims were verified by an independent third party lab (NTS National Technical Systems). As part of the marketing campaign for Survivor, Griffin released a series of YouTube videos in a lighthearted “reality show” style. The videos showed Griffin Certifications Director, Michael O’Connor performing various real world experiments (throwing the phone through drywall, off a 150-foot bridge, dragged behind a motorcycle , etc.) with the iPhone in a Survivor case. In 2012 they hired celebrity endorser Andrew Blake to endorse their Griffin Survivor cases.

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